Tuesday 13 March 2012

Next Trip: Paris!

When we were in the US over the holidays, one of our dear friends (Nathan) from OU was lamenting turning 35 and the fact that he had never been to Paris. Half jokingly I told him there was an easy way to fix that - and he is! So we're off with him on Thursday to share one of our favourite cities with one of our favourite people.
Double the fun is that our other friends Erica & Bobby (currently in Germany) will also be joining us for the weekend. So it will kind of be like a little mini-reunion, which should be great fun.

We're off on Thursday eve and back in London on Sunday night. The weather gurus can't seem to decide if it will be rainy & miserable or sunny & gorgeous, so we're deliberately keeping our plans quite open. One thing I can say for sure is that the trip will feature some wonderful tasty treats. One of my favourite things about Paris is the food - I've even scoped out a bakery nearby to where we're staying. Fresh croissants every morning? Yes, please!

This weekend is also St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if anything special will be going on? Perhaps the Louvre fountains dyed green? A pop-up Guinness tent under the Eiffel Tower? An Irish jam session in a gypsy jazz bar? Could be exciting. Stay tuned!

You can see pictures from our previous trips to Paris over on flickr: Winter 2009April 2010, and May 2011

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