Wednesday 6 June 2012

After a Pause, We're Off Again

As you all may have noticed, the last few months have been rather quiet travel wise. This was to give us some time to handle family matters back in the US and to give Stephen some space to prepare for his exams. The pause turned out to be well timed as my work has also been rather hectic over the last few months. So we've both beavered away the spring, looking ruefully out the window (not that spring in London has been terribly nice over all).  But that's nearly over and so the travel starts again! 

Our first trip of the summer is something of a surprise treat - I know where we're going, but Stephen won't until I hand him his boarding pass. I'll give you the same clues I've given him, see if you can guess where we're off to:

1. It's within a 3 hour flight from London
2. To an area well known for its beaches
3. The projected weekend temperatures are a lovely 28 C/82 F.

We're off on Friday after work and back on Monday. To say I can't wait would be an understatement. I'll try to pop back in at the airport to give you the answer.

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