Thursday 4 April 2013

Israel Take 2 - Quick Update on our plans

A quick interruption to your scheduled daily narrative to let everyone know that due to the ongoing unrest in the West Bank and the scheduled appearance of a certain US diplomatic heavy weight, we have cancelled our planned visit to Ramallah on Sunday and will instead spend the day in Jerusalem. We arrive in Jerusalem this morning and had a beautiful walk through the Christian Quarter and dinner at a fantastic little place in the Armenian Quarter. So far, nothing is out of the ordinary here.

While I'm very disappointed (and the boys are rather relieved), I think this is probably for the best. 

But yes, very disappointed and my prayers go out to those living through the violence. It's quite surreal to look out over the city from our hotel and see the relative quiet knowing that only a few dozen miles away it is chaos. Wish that I could do more than pray and light a candle for peace.

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