Monday 19 May 2003

Day 1 in London

Well here I am safe and sound in the wonderful city of London. We arrived about a 1/2 hour late due to back up at Heathrow, but nothing serious.

Nathan got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and I was checked in and through security in less than 10 minutes in Dallas. Not too bad. I got to see his new place too, which is fabulous! I think we need to throw a housewarming for him after he gets all moved in. *hint hint*

Anyway, for whatever reason they won't let me get into my room at the B&B until 2pm, which cuts into my sightseeing time considerably. The original plan was to hop over to St. Paul's and then catch the Tate Modern with whatever time was left over. Of course, all that was assuming I got into my room at 10am like they said I could. *sigh* oh well.

My flight to Aberdeen is tomorrow morning at 7am. Yikes! That means getting there by 6am. Even though I did get sleep on the plane, I'll still be pretty dazed. Poor Brett having to deal with me in that state.

Anyway, I'm going to hop over to a cafe and grab some food and figure out the rest of my day.