Friday 23 May 2003

Thursday Evening

Well no Hamlet for me. Didn't get my vote in quickly enough, so instead Kaz chose and we ended up watching 2 Days in the Valley. Not that great. Brett and I started up a GO game, about half way through because we were quite board with it. GO solved that pretty much. I lost by a good margin, but the game played out much closer than the final space count suggests.

Some observations:

* Opening in GO is by far the hardest thing. The game has so many possibilities that it's extremely difficult to know from the get go, what strategy will work.

* All the territory is at the edges. The middle, while important, doesn't gain you anything if that's all you hold.

* Ask and answer the following questions before placing every piece:

- Where is the threat?

- Where do I want to go?

- How do I want to get there?

While these may seem extremely elementary to any seasoned GO player, these were huge breakthroughs for me. So yes, I'm a novice, but I'm really enjoying the ways in which the game forces one to think. Those thought processes will become extremely important I have a feeling.

Anyway, after the GO game, they got me hooked on this TV series called "24". Each episode occurs over a one hour period, and all together all events take place over the course of one day. As far as I can tell it's about revenge on the guy who authorized a secret mission during the Bosnian conflict and how that hooks back to the man running for President. (Incidently, this 24 hour period corresponds to the day of the California primary). It's very addictive. I couldn't imagine only getting one episode every week. So hopefully we'll get to the end before I leave. . if not those of you in Norman may have to bear with me through this. hehehehe