Wednesday 21 May 2003

First Two Days in Aberdeen

So yesterday after I finally got here, we went back to his flat, dropped off my stuff and then went to buy groceries for the week, which I paid mostly for since he's putting me up for free.

Then back to his place and he cooked dinner, I took a nap while he and Kaz watched some TV, and then we stayed up talking and playing GO.

I didn't realize how much fun GO can be when you play someone who's that close to your skill level. So I think we'll be playing a good many games of that during the next few days.

His new girlfriend is really nice, if not on the young side. She just turned 18 last month and is finishing her first year in school. But she's pretty nice and seems to be a good influence on Brett and vice-versa, which is always good to see in a relationship.

Today, there isn't much going on. More just letting me wind down from traveling and de-stressing from the semester and the post semester events. I did throw sausage and red sauce into the oven this morning for italian sausage sandwiches for dinner, so that will be a nice surprise for Brett and his flatmates.

We do have tickets to see the new Matrix moving tonight (it's first night showing in the UK), and there's a walk planned back from the theater to the flat to show me to older and more scenic parts of the city, before jumping into it full force tomorrow.

So that should be a good time.

See you when I get back!