Thursday 22 May 2003

Rest of Day Two in Aberdeen

So the Italian sausage sandwiches didn't turn out as good as originally hoped. The sausages themselves got all crumbly, so we made a last minute run to the grocery store for pasta and turned it into a pasta dish. The guys really seemed to think it was tasty, and even complimented me on the sauce.

It's amazing what you can do with a few spices, veggies, meat and tomato sauce.

Other than that, we walked to the theater to catch Matrix Reloaded. I'm still stunned by the beauty of the landscape here. The ground itself is really quite interesting, not all soppy and sludgy like one would expect with all the rain, but more springy and spongy. This makes walking a really funny sensation. We ended up getting to the theater a bit early and since it's located on the beach of the North Sea (didn't realize Aberdeen was that far North) we sat on the dock, talking and watching the tide crash against the granite wall. Hypnotic truly.

Then came the movie, and I have two words for it:


Really bad acting. The writing wasn't the best ever, but even the decent lines were quite poorly delivered. The sex scene was also way too long. Granted, the way they incorporated it with the rave thing was interesting. But, it was an interesting visual display for about 1/3 of the time that it went on for.

I did however really enjoy how well choreographed the fighting scenes were. Very nice. Especially the one with all the clones.

All-in-all, while I enjoyed the first movie, the second one takes itself way too seriously; it's like they're all of a sudden trying to make commentary, not that the movie can't, it's just if that's what they wanted to do, perhaps they should have hired real actors.

Anyway, getting back to the flat, I got to talk to Stephen a bit before bed, which was really nice. He and I really must come back some day for an extended (2 week-ish) vacation.