Friday 23 May 2003


Brett and I ended up walking into the center of the city to hit the museum first. But, we got distracted along the way by his favorite used bookshop.

Only a few minutes he said.

Liar. =)

For £10 I bought the entire Divine Comedy, a Collection of Short Stories by Voltaire, and the 2nd Part of the Gulag Archipelago (and it looks like a good translation to boot). After talking to the shopkeep, he said that he'll find the first part for me by Monday. Yay!! Not exactly light reading, but a necessary component for any Russian studies person.

Then off to the museum. We spent the rest of the afternoon there (4 hours), and still didn't get all the way through it. It's mostly modern art, but they have some really amazing watercolor and oil on canvas portraits as well. So that means we'll have to go back yet again. I'm loving this. =) They also have a Maritime Museum that I'm looking forward to attending sometime before I leave.

Then we headed off toward the harbor and this little fishing village right on the edge of Aberdeen. I got some great pictures. Then it started to downpour. By the time we found a cafe to warm up in, we were both soaked to the bone. But this cafe (Cafe Continental btw) had Lentil soup, which was awfully yummy and great to fill a wet, hungry me.

Then we called a cab and went back to campus and the flat to get changed and get dinner-- Chicken pitas. mmmmmm. So tonight will probably be another evening of either movies and reading, and probably another GO game. We'll see if some strategy changes will help turn the tables on Brett a bit, and maybe hand me a victory. We'll see, we'll see.